Three Irish men are among 1,000 adults who have been identified by a Dutch child protection agency investigating online child sex abuse.

The undercover operation by Terre des Hommes involved researchers in Amsterdam posing online as a ten-year-old girl from the Philippines - given the name Sweetie.

The agency said that around 20,000 men approached Sweetie in just ten weeks for webcam chats of a sexual nature, and 1,000 were identified.

Terre des Hommes said the information they gathered, including identities, were handed over to Interpol today.

The agency said webcam child sex tourism, in which children in developing countries are paid to perform sexual acts in front of a camera, is quickly spreading.

It has demanded that governments crack down on the practice, saying only six convictions have been secured around the world.

The appeal was made at a news conference in The Hague this afternoon.