A garda has gone on trial at Letterkenny Circuit Court charged with the sexual assault and harassment of two female colleagues.

The married officer in his 30s denies seven charges of sexually assaulting the female gardaí and two charges of harassing them.

The sexual assaults are alleged to have taken place between November 2010 and May 2011.

A number of the offences are alleged to have taken place in a garda station in Co Donegal.

The garda is accused of harassing both colleagues by persistently pestering and communicating with them.

In one case, the harassment is alleged to have taken place over a period of almost a year and in the other case it is alleged to have continued for almost 15 months.

One of the women broke down in tears a number of times as she gave evidence this afternoon.

She described how the man had sexually assaulted her three times, once in a patrol car and twice in the garda station where they were based in Co Donegal.

The woman told the court the man was constantly making comments of a derogatory and sexual nature to her and she found it demoralising and frustrating.

The witness described how on one occasion he grabbed both of her arms as she was on a swivel seat and pulled her down a corridor.

She could not release herself and was shouting at him when he jumped on her lap and sexually assaulted her.

The woman said she was shaking and crying afterwards and could hear him downstairs laughing and "having the craic".

She said that there was not a day that went by that he did not touch her or make a comment and it made her feel sick.

The woman said it made her skin crawl to be in his presence and she would get physically sick and vomit before going to work and at work.

She said she attended her GP in relation to the nausea and other physical symptoms. She told the court she was not sleeping, but she never took sick leave during the period.