The European Parliament should finalise its plan to investigate the conduct of the Troika in bailout countries, such as Ireland, next month.

The plan was discussed by the Parliament's Economic and Budget Committee in Strasbourg today and should receive the necessary support of group leaders in the parliament by mid-November.

Co-ordinators of the committee are requesting authorisation to investigate the actions of the Troika in four programme countries - Greece, Portugal, Cyprus and Ireland.

In a draft report seen by RTÉ News, it says special attention should be paid to "possible evidence of disfunctioning Troika decision-making".

MEPs are also interested in what is termed "the democratic legitimisation of the decisions made" by the Troika.

The draft report says investigative missions should be considered, so that officials from the Central Bank and Department of Finance can be questioned.

In particular, they want to hear from current or former finance ministers.