Police in Derry have arrested the chief suspect in the murder of a 35-year-old man last week.

Kieran McLaughlin, 58, was detained in the early hours of this morning in the Galliagh area of Derry.

He is being questioned about the murder of Barry McCrory, who was shot dead in a flat in the city last Thursday.

Mr McLaughlin was arrested at 3am after he was found hiding behind a car at Fern Park.

It is understood he was in possession of a gun, but no shots were fired during the arrest operation.

He had earlier been seen driving a silver car in Co Donegal and was followed by gardaí until he crossed the border where the operation was taken over by the PSNI.

Mr McLaughlin later abandoned the car and stole another vehicle before he was finally arrested.

PSNI Chief Inspector Andy Lemon said the operation had been "tricky, lengthy and high-pressured".

"This has been going on for seven days," he said.

"There's been an awful lot of officers deployed. I am just glad we were able to bring this to a successful conclusion and there were no shots fired and there was no one hurt."

Chief Inspector Lemon said a follow-up operation was ongoing to establish whether there were any more firearms in the vehicles involved.