Clashes have erupted in several Egyptian cities after supporters of deposed president Mohammed Mursi took to the streets to demand the end of army-backed rule.

An Egyptian army vehicle fired live rounds in the direction of Muslim Brotherhood supporters in Cairo.

One of the Muslim Brotherhood supporters has died from gunshot wounds.

Backers of Mr Mursi had earlier been pushed back from the city's Tahrir Square by security forces firing tear gas.

Pro and anti-Mursi groups also threw stones at each other during violent clashes in the city.

Fighting also broke out in Alexandria and two cities on the Nile Delta.

Thousands of protesters headed towards the site of a former Brotherhood protest camp in northeast Cairo, which was crushed by security forces in August.

By late afternoon, protesters had retreated from the area.

Members of the Brotherhood, which has been banned by court order, tried to reach the presidential palace but were turned back by police.

The state news agency said protesters failed to reach the defence ministry and a Republican Guard facility.

The Brotherhood won every election after a popular uprising ousted autocrat Hosni Mubarak in 2011, but became deeply unpopular under Mr Mursi's rule.

Mr Mursi was accused of trying to give himself sweeping powers and entrenching the Brotherhood - allegations he denies.

Egypt has been gripped by political and economic turmoil since army chief General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi overthrew Mr Mursi, the country's first freely-elected president, on 3 July after mass protests against his rule.