The partner of former Priory Hall resident Fiachra Daly, who took his own life, has said the Taoiseach cannot wait for another person to die by suicide.

Speaking on RTÉ’s Late Late Show, Stephanie Meehan said that the Government must not wait another two years to address the situation of Priory Hall residents who were forced to evacuate their homes.

The Dublin apartment complex has been uninhabitable since October of 2011 when serious fire safety breaches were uncovered.

Earlier this week Taoiseach Enda Kenny pledged to resolve what he described as the "complete injustice" done to residents of Priory Hall.

Mr Kenny said it would be unjust if the people had to continue to pay mortgages on their former homes.

Stephanie Meehan said: “I’m hoping what the Taoiseach has said is true. I hope it is not another two years. I hope they are working on a solution right now, and they’re not waiting for another person to take their own life.”

“In a couple of years I’ll be able to look back and say Fiachra didn’t die in vain,” she said.

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