A coroner in Northern Ireland has ruled that a teenage rugby player died of second impact syndrome after suffering concussive type injuries during a match.

Ben Robinson, 14, was playing for Carrickfergus Grammar School in January 2011 when he was involved in a number of heavy tackles, suffered concussion and was momentarily knocked out.

He played on before collapsing on the pitch near the end of the game, and died later from brain injuries.

The coroner said Ben died due to suffering two concussive type injuries in a short space of time.

His death is the first known fatality due to second impact syndrome in Northern Ireland.

Ben’s parents said that he should have been taken off the pitch earlier.

They believe that if modern guidelines on concussion management had been in place that their son would still be alive.

The coroner is sending the findings to the Irish Rugby Football Union to raise awareness about concussion management in rugby.