The trial of a father and son, who are accused of murdering two Irish women holidaying near the Turkish resort of Izmir two years ago, has been adjourned to 9 September.

Defence lawyers requested the adjournment on the grounds that two of the four judges present had been changed and were new to the case.

In particular, lawyers for 22-year-old Recep Cetin and his father, 43-year-old Eyup Cetin, said they have rejected a psychiatric assessment of Recep Cetin, which found that he was not mentally unstable.

A verdict had been expected today.

The families of the two women were said to be disappointed at what they felt was a further setback.

Marion Graham from Newry and Cathy Dinsmore from Warrenpoint, Co Down, were found stabbed to death in a wooded area in the hills outside the city.

Ms Graham and Ms Dinsmore, both 53, were regular visitors to the beach resort of Kusadasi around 100km to the south of Izmir.

They had been befriended by local waiter Recep Cetin, who was said to have developed a relationship with Ms Graham's daughter Shannon, who was then 15.

In August 2011, Mr Cetin is understood to have been putting pressure on both Shannon and her mother to be allowed to marry the teenager.

On 19 August, he took Ms Graham and Ms Dinsmore for a drive north on the pretext of a shopping trip.

Later their bodies were discovered in woods. They had been stabbed multiple times.

Recep Cetin has confessed to the killings, but his father is also accused of complicity in the murders.

Both men are facing life imprisonment if found guilty.

It has been a long legal process, one fraught with several setbacks.

Initially, the waiter claimed he was 17 when in fact he was 22.

He also claimed to be suffering from mental illness, but it was his father who was sent for clinical assessment by mistake.