Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Ken Lay has said Tom Meagher deserves a response to emails he sent to the parole board about his wife's killer, Adrian Bayley.

Bayley was on bail and on parole from a prison sentence for raping five other women when he carried out the attack on Ms Meagher.

He was jailed for life last month for the rape and murder of the 29-year-old Co Louth woman in Melbourne last September.

Ms Meagher was snatched off Sydney Road in Brunswick when she was trying to make a five-minute walk home after a night out with friends.

He body was later found 50km northwest of Melbourne.

Mr Meagher had criticised the parole board, saying his wife would still be alive if the justice system had taken the serial offender off the streets.

He also said the 15-year sentence for the rape charge was not long enough.

Mr Meagher had emailed the board expressing his concerns.

Today, Commissioner Lay said it was his understanding that the parole board would respond to Mr Meagher's questions.

He said Victoria’s Premier had identified the fact that the system had let the Meagher family down badly.

He said there was an obligation to try to give Mr Meagher as much comfort as possible.