A 37-year-old Latvian man has gone on trial at the Central Criminal Court sitting in Galway charged with the murder of another Latvian man in Glenamaddy, Co Galway two years ago.

Sergejs Krauze, with a former address in Dudley Heights, Glenamaddy, is charged with the murder of Juris Buls on a date unknown between 7 July and 23 July 2011, at a place unknown within the State.

Mr Krauze, who was assisted by two Latvian interpreters, shook his head and replied "not guilty" when the murder charge was put to him.

The trial had to be adjourned yesterday afternoon, before it even started, after it emerged one of the jurors had gone home during lunch.

Mr Justice Barry White said the trial could not continue with just 11 jurors and he adjourned matters to this morning.