An Irish person has been injured in a serious bus crash in Cuba, according to the country's State-run newspaper.

In total, 16 passengers were injured, most of them from Europe.

State-run newspaper Cinco de Septiembre said the government-operated vehicle ran off the road and turned over on Thursday evening.

The crash occurred on the route between Trinidad and Varadero, two principal tourist destinations. There were 19 people on board.

The injured were listed as one Irish, two Britons, two Czechs, four Dutch, one Filipino, and six Russians.

Cinco de Septiembre said three of the tourists were considered to be in serious condition, but none was in immediate danger of dying.

Two underwent surgery and were in intensive care.

Director of the health centre which treated the patients, Carlos Mendoza, said none of the injuries were classified as life-threatening.

“We've received 16 injured persons, two with collapsed lungs who have been operated on and are currently in the intensive care unit.”

One of the injured tourists, Mattews Nederfel of the Netherlands, said they were receiving good treatment.

“Some people who were behind the bus when it fell off the highway helped us and took us to the nearest health clinics. We got immediate medical attention. We all got the necessary professional attention we needed at the time.”

The group was touring the provinces of Matanzas, Cienfuegos and Sancti Spiritus when the accident occurred.