The Irish Association of Plastic Surgeons has urged parents to "lock up their children" while mowing the lawn.

It comes after four children under the age of seven were recently treated for horrific hand and foot injuries inflicted while playing on or near lawnmowers.

Three adults were also treated for severe hand injuries related to lawnmowers in the past six weeks.

Dr Patricia Eadie of the Irish Association of Plastic Surgeons has said such an injury can be life changing.

She said: "For two of these children this has involved mutilating injuries to their hands; one child losing almost all of their digits and another two children losing a significant part of their feet."

Dr Eadie said most of the injuries were from ride-on lawnmowers, but one was from a hand-held lawnmower.

She said: "When you're cutting your lawn you should have a second adult supervising any children that are outside, especially smaller children who don't realise the danger which these machines hold."