The Supreme Court has dismissed an appeal brought by the Governor of the Dóchas Prison Centre in relation to an arrest warrant originally issued by authorities in Latvia nearly six years ago.

Jelena Voznuka was accused of breaking into the home of a woman in the Latvian city of Jurmala in August 2005 and cutting off her gas supply.

The accused left the jurisdiction and a European Arrest Warrant was issued by Latvian authorities in September 2007.

In April 2009, she was brought before the High Court in Dublin, which ordered her surrender to Latvia.

Ms Voznuka appealed that ruling, but her case was eventually dismissed by the Supreme Court in November 2010.

Another arrest warrant was issued, but Ms Voznuka was not detained until January 2012.

She was sent to the Dóchas Centre, but the High Court later ordered her release because her arrest warrant had not been executed within the relevant statutory time limits.

The Governor of the Dóchas Centre unsuccessfully appealed that decision.

In a judgment delivered today, the Supreme Court found that the woman should have been surrendered no later than ten days after her case was dismissed in November 2010.