A report on suicide in Ireland has found that males between the ages of 16 and 20 are at an increased risk of taking their lives.

The authors of the report Suicide in Ireland spoke to 104 families affected by suicide and analysed 12,000 suicide deaths among people under the age of 35.

It identified a four-fold increased risk of suicide among young men in the 16-20 age group.

It also found that up to half of suicides by people aged under 18 are as a result of similar type deaths in their community.

Professor Kevin Malone of the School of Medicine at UCD said Ireland was prone to clusters of suicides as it was a small, parochial society where suicide events can reverberate through small communities.

He said the situation needed to be addressed.

The report calls for further examination of psychological supports for teens and young adults.

It says there should be a focus on developing a modern understanding and response to mental distress, victimisation and bullying.

It also says that there should be a screening system that would help to identify early signs of depression among adolescents.

The report was funded by the anti-suicide charity the 3Ts.

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