Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton has said that unemployment figures are coming down more slowly than she or the Government would like.

According to the Central Statistics Office, there are 417,000 people on the Live Register, almost 300,000 of them are unemployed, the others are working part-time.

Minister Burton said that some of the reductions are attributable to emigration.

She said in the second half of last year and the first part of this year there has been growth in employment for the first time since 2008.

Ms Burton said there is "no one magic bullet" that is going to fix the unemployment crisis.

She said that it is actually a whole series of different pathways for people depending on their skills.

Minister Burton was speaking at the official opening of the new premises for the Kilkenny Jobs Club in the city, saying the development of the jobs club is a very important one.

The minister added that people availing of their services can build up a network and get a lot of professional help about how to present their CVs. 

She said CEO's from international companies who come into Ireland often complain that CVs do not do justice to the applicants.

Minister Burton said that it is very important in a jobs club that there is a facility to help people to present themselves as the best possible candidate for the job they are going for.

She said that the Department of Social Protection is contributing a significant amount of funding to the jobs club in the city.