Comedian Billy Connolly has said he does not regret verbally abusing a female photographer at a show in Co Kerry last Thursday night.

Local freelance photographer Valerie O'Sullivan was the official photographer at the INEC show in Killarney.

Mr Connolly took exception to her presence and, according to people at the show, he told her to "get the f... out of here" and called her "a c...".

Ms O'Sullivan left the INEC venue visibly distressed.

Speaking on RTÉ’s Marian Finucane show this morning, Mr Connolly said he had not realised the photographer was a woman as he could only see her in the shadows.

"I told her to go away but she wouldn’t, so I told her to go away properly - in a Glaswegian fashion. It only takes two words", he said.

Asked if he regretted the incident, he said: "Certainly not. I'm very proud of it."

Caroline O'Sullivan from Killarney, who attended the show, told the Irish Examiner newspaper that the audience initially thought the abuse was part of the show.

"But they soon realised that this one woman was being singled out for an absolutely mortifying and appalling experience", she said.

Mr Connolly has another show in Cork tomorrow night.