The driver of a bin truck, who is charged with dangerous driving causing the death of a three-year-old boy in Letterkenny, became upset as he gave evidence in court today.

Alex McDaid, 60, of Bomany, Letterkenny has denied the charge, which relates to the death of Patrick McDonagh in February 2010.

Patrick was playing in the front garden of his home with his twin sister when he dropped a tennis ball and ran after it.

He ran into the path of the bin truck, which was being reversed up the street by Mr McDaid.

Mr McDaid told Letterkenny Circuit Court that he was reversing up the road because it was impossible to turn the truck at the dead end, where there was nearly always a car parked.

He said he always did this and his helper Tomasz Duraj guided him, who he said was "100%".

Garda evidence was that speed was not a factor in the incident and that Mr McDaid was driving at about 5kmh.

Mr McDaid said he heard a bump, which he thought was a manhole, but then he heard roaring and screaming and stopped the truck.

He said Mrs McDonagh came out, picked up the child and ran down the road. He said he then saw a pool of blood.

Mr McDaid and Mr Duraj were very upset and in shock, and were taken into a neighbour's house.

The truck driver said he had been using his mirrors and Mr Duraj, who was on a step at the rear of the vehicle, was watching out behind.

He said he had no forewarning of the accident and saw nothing.

The jury is expected to retire to consider his verdict tomorrow.