Ethiopian Airlines has become the world's first carrier to resume flights with Boeing Dreamliner passenger jets three months after they were grounded over battery meltdowns.

US regulators approved a new battery design last week, clearing the way for installation and a resumption of Dreamliner flights by international carriers.

The fully-booked flight arrived at Nairobi's Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, with passengers giving the crew a round of applause upon landing.

The grounding of the Dreamliner fleet has cost Boeing an estimated €460m, halted deliveries of the aircraft and forced some airlines to lease alternative planes.

The flight was the first since regulators grounded the worldwide Dreamliner fleet on 16 January after two lithium-ion battery meltdowns that occurred on two jets within two weeks that month.

The battery faults raised fears of a possible mid-air fire, drawing worldwide attention to Boeing and denting the reputation of its flagship plane.