A bankruptcy trustee in the US state of Connecticut has asked a judge to allow him to question Swiss bank Credit Suisse about the affairs of Irish developer Sean Dunne.

Mr Dunne filed for bankruptcy last month, but has not filed any of the normal papers in court.

He would have been expected by now to hand over a statement of means, showing how much money he has on hand, how many assets he owns and how much money he owes.

Mr Dunne has asked the court for a hearing about the delay.

The court official in charge of his bankruptcy, trustee Richard Coan, has asked the judge that he be allowed to take a sworn statement from Credit Suisse, one of the biggest financial institutions in the world.

The trustee says the bank has information about Mr Dunne's assets and about transfers of those assets he might have made.

He says the Swiss bank might have other information relevant to Mr Dunne, which the trustee would like to question the bank about.