Eastern European criminal gangs are targeting Irish homes and businesses before smuggling the goods out of the country for sale abroad, according to gardaí.

The highly organised gangs are reported to have stolen millions of euro worth of mobile phones, clothes and jewellery.

Stolen property worth thousands of euro was recovered following a raid on a house on the North Circular Road in Dublin at the weekend.

Charges are expected to be made against a number of the 14 people arrested during the raid.

Gardaí say the gangs come into the country for short periods to carry out crime sprees before sealing and packing the stolen property into suitcases to be smuggled out and sold on the black market abroad.

The gangs also use specially adapted shopping bags to steal from department stores.

Last year, almost 8,000 mobile phones worth over €4m were stolen in Dublin's south centre city, particularly in pubs and nightclubs and were sold on for around €1m.