Over 10,000 people have given their views on the naming of Dublin's newest bridge.

The deadline for public submissions for naming the transport bridge at Marlborough St closed today at 5pm.

The city council received 71 different suggestions through a mixture of individual submissions and online petitions.

The biggest petition with over 3,000 signatories was in favour of naming the bridge after the Nobel scientist Ernest Walton in a campaign organised by the Institute of Physics in Ireland.

And a campaign organised by the Abbey Theatre to have the bridge named after it gathered over 2,300.

SIPTU which wants the bridge named after James Connolly and has received the support of a number of celebrities will be organising a public petition soon.

But a Facebook campaign to honour Rosie Hackett - a trade unionist involved in both the 1913 Lockout and 1916 Rising has gathered around 2,300 votes. There were also around 60 individual submissions in favour of Kay Mills - a camogie player who was the only person to win 15 All Ireland medals.

A campaign to honour Phil Lynott got a couple of hundred supporters.

Other individual suggestions included Elvis Presley and Charles Haughey.

A special commemorative naming committee of Dublin City Council will now have to decide on a name to recommend to a meeting of Dublin City Council in July.