Tesco in the UK has withdrawn another product from sale after it tested positive for horsemeat.

In a statement the company said the product, Tesco Simply Roast Meatloaf, was manufactured at a company in Northern Ireland.

The product was found to contain 2-5% horsemeat and was manufactured between October 2012 and January of this year.

A spokesman for Tesco Ireland said Tesco Simply Roast Meatloaf, was on sale in Ireland but was sold only in small quantities.

According to Tesco, tests on 15 other lines which came from the same company were clear of horsemeat.

Tesco Group Technical Director, Tim J Smith, said its investigation into the source of the contamination had begun and would be allowed to finish before a decision was made on whether to continue using the supplier.

He said this was the fourth Tesco product to have been found to have horsemeat in it, as part of a testing programme across 500 products.

Mr Smith apologised, saying Tesco was very sorry that a further product had failed to meet the high standards it and its customers expect.