Nine out of ten Irish parents are happy with their child's second-level school and feel that teaching there is good.

The figures are contained in data gathered by Department of Education inspectors in surveys of parents.

The inspectors also found high levels of satisfaction among students.

Department of Education inspectors recorded the views of 9,000 parents and 13,000 students in 78 second-level schools around the country last year.

The data is still being compiled, but preliminary results indicate a generally positive response.

As many as 83% of students agree or strongly agree that there is a good atmosphere in their school, and say they are getting on well there.

Four out of five say they feel safe and cared for and almost 75% feel that bullying is dealt with well.

However, more than 10% disagree or strongly disagree with that, and 20% said they do not know.

The inspectorate is also compiling data on the school inspections it has carried out.

It has found that teaching and learning is strong or good in most schools; between 80% and 90% of the total.