The latest attempt by solicitor Brian O'Donnell and his wife Mary Pat to be declared bankrupt in Britain has failed.

The High Court in London today dismissed an application from the couple to overturn a decision denying them bankruptcy in the UK.

Before Christmas, the court rejected efforts by the O'Donnells to declare bankruptcy there following a two-week hearing.

The bid was objected to by Bank of Ireland, which is pursuing the couple for around €75m.

Mr O'Donnell returned to court this week in an attempt to reverse that decision and submitted a series of new documents to the court.

The correspondence between the O'Donnells and some of their creditors illustrated that the couple were operating out of London before they applied for bankruptcy there, the court heard.

Making his ruling, Mr Justice Newey dismissed the application and said the new evidence did not justify reopening the case.

Mr O'Donnell had blamed his legal team for the fact that the documents had not been presented at the original hearing, but the judge said that they would not have affected his view had they been presented.

The judge refused leave to appeal the case.