A woman who fell in an RTÉ studio as she was about to do a weigh-in as a contestant on Operation Transformation has settled her High Court action for damages over the accident.

Georgina Brosnan, 43, a married mother-of-five from Rathass, Tralee, Co Kerry, suffered injuries that caused her to give up her arts and crafts business, the court heard.

Ms Brosnan sued RTÉ and the Belfast-based company Green Inc Film and Television Ltd, and producers of the Afternoon Show, which she was on her way into when the accident occurred on 27 February 2009.

She claimed damages for arm and back injuries, along with depression and anxiety, as well as loss of earnings, as a result of the defendants' negligence in failing to maintain a ramp covering electrical cables, which she tripped over in the studio.

The case began on Tuesday and was before the court for assessment of damages only.

Counsel for Ms Brosnan said today the matter had been settled.

No details were revealed but as part of her claim, the court had heard she had been seeking €49,000 loss of earnings and €63,500 in special damages.

The court heard she and other Operation Transformation participants were guests due to take part in an Afternoon Show weigh-in and they were walking in from the green room when her foot got caught on the open lip of the ramp.

Ms Brosnan, who said she lost 25lbs during the seven-week weight loss programme, fractured her left elbow and injured her lower back.

As well as being restricted in the amount of domestic duties she could perform, she was unable to continue her five-year-old arts and crafts business, which involved supplying materials to schools and carrying boxes around for that purpose.

She also had to give up art classes that she gave.

Ms Brosnan said she was unable to maintain the fitness regime of Operation Transformation, under which her weight went down to 13 stone, but which rose again to 14.5 stone following the accident and she is now back to 14 stone.

She had tried to get her business going again, but because of the pain in her back and elbow, she was unable to do so.

Under cross-examination by counsel for the defendants, she disagreed with one doctor's view that she had made an excellent recovery.

She could not do the type of strenuous exercises she was able to do before the accident, she said.