The High Court has been told Seán Quinn Jnr will travel to Moscow on Monday to get statements concerning bank accounts held there by himself and other members of his family.

Mr Quinn had offered to travel to Moscow as part of efforts to purge his contempt of court orders restraining asset-stripping of the family's International Property Group.

Senior Counsel for IBRC Shane Murphy told Ms Justice Elizabeth Dunne today a representative of the bank would meet Mr Quinn in Moscow and go with him to the offices of Ocean Bank.

There had been "constructive engagement" with Mr Quinn, counsel added.

IBRC has said it needs the Ocean Bank statements to establish whether the Quinns have disclosed all details of their assets and involvement with IPG companies. They say they have, but the bank disputes this.

The Commercial Court has heard that substantial sums from Russian companies were paid, on foot of contracts of employment dating from summer 2011, into the Quinns' Ocean Bank accounts. Most of that money was paid out.

The court was told Ocean Bank would not release statements unless an account holder appeared in person.

Mr Quinn Jnr has obtained powers of attorney from his family to get their account statements.

Ms Justice Dunne, who made one finding of contempt against Mr Quinn Jnr last year, was told today he proceeded with making arrangements for the trip despite the liquidation last week of IBRC, which was to fund the trip.

Senior counsel for Mr Quinn Jnr, Martin Hayden, said the liquidation meant funding from IBRC was "in jeopardy" when the travel arrangements were being finalised, but Mr Quinn Jnr continued on his own initiative despite funds not being made available.

The judge adjourned the matters arising from her contempt findings to 14 March.

Last June, she ruled Mr Quinn Jnr, his father and his cousin, Peter Darragh Quinn, were in contempt of orders restraining stripping of assets from the IPG.

Mr Quinn Jnr was found in contempt after the judge ruled he was involved in a $500,000 payment to the general director of Quinn Properties Ukraine.

He was jailed for three months and served that term, while his father was later jailed for nine weeks.

A warrant for the arrest of Peter Darragh Quinn to serve a three-month term remains unexecuted while he remains at home in Northern Ireland.

Mr Quinn Jnr previously indicated he was prepared to sell the home he shares with his wife Karen Woods at Alder Lodge, Farmleigh Woods, Castleknock, Co Dublin.

An "alternative financial proposal" may also be advanced, the court heard.