Police in Northern Ireland have charged two men in connection with a road crash on the outskirts of Derry City in which a policewoman was killed.

Philippa Reynolds was killed yesterday when a stolen vehicle crashed into an unmarked police car in which she was a back seat passenger. 

Two of her male colleagues who were sitting in the front of the vehicle were hurt, although not seriously.

The PSNI say the men, who are aged 25 and 23, will be brought before Derry Magistrates Court tomorrow.

A 27-year-old former schoolteacher, Constable Reynolds joined the PSNI two years ago.

The District Police Commander, Chief Superintendent Stephen Cargin was among those who led the tributes to Ms Reynolds.

"She was enthusiastic, bubbly and had a beautiful personality," he said.

"She was just loved by her colleagues and she turned that love to the community she served."

The patrol car was turning a corner when the stolen silver Toyota Land Cruiser hit it side on.

Chief Superintendent Cargin said he believed the officer, who was sitting in the rear driver's side seat, would have died instantly due to the force of the impact.