A case between IBRC and the Quinn family has been adjourned until next week.

It comes after counsel for the now-liquidated former Anglo Irish Bank said they had received no instructions on how the case was to proceed.

The Commercial Court heard counsel is to receive instructions by next week and is arranging to meet the special liquidator.

Mr Justice Peter Kelly heard there had been no contact to date with the liquidator and counsel who had been acting on behalf of IBRC.

Judge Kelly said he was "aware" from media reports that IBRC had been liquidated but this had to be proven before the courts "in the normal way" by producing the order by the Minister for Finance.

He said the "legal landscape had changed considerably" in relation to orders already made.

The judge said while he was "aware from media reports IBRC had been put into liquidation" he had received no specific evidence of the order by the minister "triggering" the liquidation.

He said as things stood, in relation to proceedings involving IBRC today, it was "most unsatisfactory".

He also said he had been unable to download the Act passed in the Dáil using the Oireachtas website, but from sections he had seen it included a stay on proceedings currently under way.

The judge said counsel for IBRC had come as a "courtesy" to court today seeking an adjournment of the case and in the circumstances this "was not unreasonable".

He added that they were currently "devoid of a client".

Recent weeks saw members of the Quinn family cross-examined by lawyers for IBRC in relation to their compliance with a court order about their assets.

This had concluded and the case was proceeding to a second stage.

The case is now listed for the Commercial Court next Wednesday.