The UK Prison Service has launched an investigation after a number of Halal meat pies and pasties supplied to jails were found to contain traces of pork DNA.

Britain’s Ministry of Justice (MoJ) also said it is suspending a supplier of meat to prisons.

The MOJ discovered that food products may contain traces of non-Halal meat, despite being sourced from a properly Halal-certified supplier.

Islamic law forbids the consumption of pork.

All the contaminated products have been withdrawn, the MoJ said.

Yesterday, the British Food Standards Agency (FSA) ordered a meeting of food suppliers and retailers.

The meeting on Monday will address the number of recent cases that have shaken consumer confidence in food labelling.

On Thursday Burger King dropped the Irish food processing plant which supplied burgers contaminated with horse DNA.

The Silvercrest plant in Co Monaghan, part of the ABP Food Group, has lost contracts with the major fast food chain and also supermarkets Tesco, Aldi and the Co-operative Group.

Elsewhere, The Food Safety Authority of Ireland has not received any contact from the British authorities investigating porcine traces in food products labelled Halal.