A 23-year-old Co Limerick man has been given a three-year sentence and banned from driving for 20 years after a crash in which a teenage girl died.

Peter Brouder of Castleview Drive, Strand admitted driving recklessly at high speed to “show off”.

He was the driver of a Honda car which went out of control between Feohanagh and Dromcolliher on the night of 10 July 2010.

Brouder admitted driving at high speed and doing three handbrake turns before the car clipped a ditch on the side of the road and rolled over a number of times before ending up on its roof.

Amy St John, 15, from Newcastlewest was a passenger in the back seat.

She was seriously injured and died two days later in hospital from head injuries.

Limerick Circuit court heard Brouder had taken responsibility for the accident, and that he had been driving recklessly because he was showing off.

In an impact statement, Amy's father Thomas said the loss of their beautiful daughter had had a devastating effect on their whole family.

He said one of their saddest days after the crash was when they received Amy's Junior cert results, in which she had done excellently, but they would never be any use to her.

He said Amy was on her way to a music festival in Dromcolliher that night, and they will never understand why she got into the accused man’s car as she was not acquainted with him.

Judge Carroll Moran said while he took into consideration the admissions by the accused, the fact that he had no previous convictions, and that there was no alcohol involved, he imposed a three year sentence and banned Brouder from driving for 20 years.

”A car is a lethal weapon and can do catastrophic damage, like a gun can, if it is not handled properly,” he said.