Independent TD Clare Daly has confirmed she was arrested by gardaí on suspicion of drink-driving last night.

Ms Daly told RTÉ News that she accepted full responsibility for her actions.

She said she was in an area of south Dublin that she was unfamiliar with and took an illegal turn.

Ms Daly said that she was stopped by gardaí on foot of that and was breathalysed before being brought to Kilmainham Garda Station.

She said: "I had been with family and had been given a hot whiskey for a cold.

"If that brought me over the limit, then that's obviously a very serious mistake on my part and one that I take full responsibility for.

"I am a little bit surprised that garda authorities released this information without any charges being brought or any confirmation of me being over the limit."

In relation to her recent criticism of authorities quashing penalty points, Ms Daly said the point she was making was that people who violate road safety regulations should be treated in a transparent way and exposed to the full rigours of the law.

"That is something that should absolutely happen in my case if I'm found guilty of any offence the same as it would for every other citizen," she said.