Seán Quinn’s daughter Aoife has told the Commercial Court she may have spent €370,000 on a credit card in just over a year but was unsure as she had no receipts.

Ms Quinn was asked about the reduction in the balance of her Russian Ocean Bank account from €379,000 to €6,000 between June 2011 and July 2012.

She said her only means of withdrawing from the account was using the card as she did not have a cheque book.

Paul Gallagher SC for IBRC said she must have known if she had spent this amount using a debit or credit card.

Ms Quinn replied that she did not have any documents relating to this.

Mr Justice Peter Kelly asked if she had spent the money using the card. She said that may have happened.

Ms Quinn also said she was not clear about a 2 million roubles bonus paid to her from a Russian division of the International Property Group.

She said she was not sure about the figures and was not great with numbers. She said she did not know what the number converted to.

Mr Gallagher said it amounted to €50,000 and he said it was inconceivable that she did not have documents in relation to this.

She said she had no documentation except text messages.

Ms Quinn has her two-day cross examination in relation to IBRC'S claims that Quinn family members have not fully complied with court disclosure orders on allegations that they had placed assets beyond reach.

Four remaining Quinn children and three of their spouses will be cross examined next week.

At the end of the hearing, Paul Gallagher SC for IBRC said to Ms Quinn that her disclosure affidavits were very significantly deficient and she had completely failed to disclose documents previously in her possession which she no longer had.

Ms Quinn responded that she had done her best. She said Anglo Irish Bank had taken everything off her without meeting her or her siblings.

She said her actions may have been reactive but they were in response to what she said was an illegal action to cover up Anglo's fraudulent and illegal activities..

Two other of Seán Quinn's daughters - Ciara and Brenda Quinn - are next to be cross examined from next Tuesday.