Fiona Doyle has thanked the public for its support in the court case against her father, who was sent to jail after the trial judge reversed his decision to release him on bail pending an appeal.

There was public outcry when 72-year-old Patrick O’Brien was allowed to walk from court on Monday, despite receiving a three year jail term for the rape and indecent assault of his daughter.

In an interview broadcast on RTÉ’s the Late Late Show Ms Doyle said that knowing the public supported her gave her strength to carry on.

She said that her fight for justice was a long one and in the interview also described how she felt seeing her father in court, 40 years after the abuse began.

Ms Doyle had been raped and indecently assaulted by her father over a ten-year period.

Two support rallies are due to be held for her - one at Leinster House and in one Bray.

Ms Doyle is also due to meet with Taoiseach Enda Kenny shortly to discuss how victims experience the Irish justice system.

Earlier Ms Doyle's daughter, Kristel O'Brien, thanked the public for the role it played in calling for the reversal of the court ruling.

Speaking on RTÉ's Today with Pat Kenny, Ms O'Brien said that Mr Justice Paul Carney's decision on Monday to grant bail to O'Brien, pending an appeal, had sent out a message to abusers that they could "get away with it".

Ms O'Brien also described Mr Carney's original decision as an injustice to her mother and to other abuse victims.

However, Ms O'Brien said that justice had now been done following Mr Carney's decision to revoke her grandfather's bail yesterday.

She said: "I'm glad Judge Carney did acknowledge that that was wrong, what he did to my Mum was wrong."

Ms O'Brien continued: "For the public to stand up and say that to this man and to my granddad, that that was not right has just been amazing. He did apologise and he did rectify it, he did do it quite quickly."

"Unfortunately it was four days too long for my Mum, but it was eventually done and now it is written in law that my mum was telling the truth and no-one can ever change that." She added