A man, charged in connection with the investigation into the murder of a prison officer in Northern Ireland last year, has been refused bail at Craigavon Magistrates Court.

Damien McLaughlin, 36, from Dungannon, is accused of obtaining the car used in the murder of David Black and bringing it to Northern Ireland the day before the shooting last November.

He is allegedly linked to the car by CCTV footage and a number plate trace.

A PSNI detective told the court that the gardaí had evidence that Mr McLaughlin had tried to get a battery to start the car when he was bringing it from Co Leitrim.

A lawyer for Mr McLaughlin said he would put up a surety of £750,000 if he was granted bail.

He was refused bail after the judge said he posed a serious risk of re-offending and had previous convictions for possession of firearms.

He is also accused by police of being a member of a colour party at a paramilitary style funeral in Dublin last year.

Mr Black was shot dead close to Craigavon on the M1 motorway on 1 November. Dissident republicans claimed responsibility.

He was the first prison officer killed in Northern Ireland for 20 years.