Eight locations in Dublin are being proposed as designated 'quiet areas'.

The list of seven parks and part of the coast at Dollymount were agreed by the city's transport committee today and will need final approval by the Department of the Environment.

The move, which is part of the European Union Noise directive, would impose a daytime noise limit of 55 decibels and 45 at night.

Parks like St Stephen's Green were considered too noisy, as it reaches 70 decibels on its east side and 57 to 60 at its centre.

Brian McManus, of Dublin City Council’s Road & Traffic Department, stated in a report that: "Within a quiet area natural occurring sounds should be the dominant sound source.

“Whilst the rumble of traffic may be heard in the background, it should not be the dominant source. The rustle of leaves, bird song, running water and other natural occurring sounds should not be drowned out by manmade noise."

The designation would affect future development in the area such as road building, if it interfered with the noise levels.

The areas proposed are: Blessington Basin, Blessington Street; Edenmore Park, Raheny; Mount Bernard Park, Phibsboro; Dollymount ;St Annes Park, Raheny; Palmerston Park, Dartry; Ranelagh Gardens, Ranelagh; Cabbage Patch, St Patrick’s Cathedral.