One of the alleged victims in the trial of a nun accused of indecently assaulting pupils in a midlands national school in the 1970s has given evidence in court.

She said that the nun would tell the other children to "téigh a chodladh" (go to sleep) when she called her up to her desk to correct her homework and indecently assaulted her there.

Sr Mary Theresa Grogan denies the 63 allegations of indecently assaulting seven young girls, mostly in a classroom.

The woman said Sr Mary Theresa Grogan was her favourite teacher.

She told the court that she never slapped the pupils and gave her a lot of attention and made her feel she was special.

The witness cried as she described to the court how Sr Mary Theresa Grogan, formerly known as Sr Peter, put her hand inside her underwear and assaulted her twice a week.

She claimed the abuse started about a month into the school year and would happen as she stood beside the nun at her desk with the nun whispering into her ear how good she was and that she was her pet.

The alleged victim said she did not think what had happened to her was wrong until she had her own children.

She said she wanted to prevent the nun going into the school and being among children, including her children.