A cheerleading club in Tuam, Co Galway has been ordered by a judge to stop making any noise that is audible to people living in the vicinity.

The owners of Ace Cheerleading, Fiona Collumb and her husband Gerry McGinty, were before the Civil Court in Tuam today accused of causing noise and disturbance.

The case, which was brought by Marie and Pat Fahy, who live beside the building used by Ace Cheerleading, had previously been adjourned by Judge Geoffrey Browne.

It was adjourned in the hope that the noise and music would be kept down and that the two sides could come to some agreement.

A tape of the noise from the club was played in court today, and evidence was heard about the levels of noise at various times.

It was also heard that the owners of Ace Cheerleading attempted to come to some agreement with Mr and Mrs Fahy but the issues were not resolved.

Judge Browne allowed Ms Collumb and Mr McGinty appeal the decision and he again asked both parties to try to come to some agreement.