Builders’ representatives are calling for the scrapping of Metro North levies because of doubts over the future of project.

Over €17m has been collected in special development levies towards the cost of the rail link even though the Government has shelved the plan.

The Metro North levy - which is additional to usual development levies - has to be paid for any development within a kilometre of the proposed route.

It is being collected by Dublin City and Fingal councils and is due to be handed over to the Rail Procurement Agency when construction gets underway.

Fingal charges over €300,000 per hectare of residential development and €1m per hectare of retail.

However, the Construction Industry Federation has said that the levy system should be stopped pending clarification about Metro North's future.

Fianna Fáil Councillor in Dublin City Mary Fitzpatrick has also called for an end to the levy, claiming that it is a disincentive to development.

She points out that it applies even for home extensions over 40 square metres.

Hugh Cregan of the National Transport Authority said the levies have to be paid because the development has not been cancelled and is still part of the national transport plan that will be reviewed in 2015.

South Dublin County Council refunded around €200,000 in levies after the Metro West scheme was suspended last November.