Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan favours the renaming of the Boyne Cable Bridge as the Mary McAleese Bridge, a spokesman has said.

A row over the renaming has broken out between Meath and Louth county councils.

Meath councillors voted to rename the bridge in January, but Louth councillors are sharply divided on the matter.

Drogheda Mayor Paul Bell said a majority of the council is against the idea and it should have a say as a large part of the bridge is in Louth.

The Drogheda Chamber of Commerce and the Drogheda City Status Group are also completely opposed to the renaming.

However, the minister's spokesperson told RTÉ News the bridge is in Meath County Council's jurisdiction.

The spokesman said the power to rename it, therefore, is a reserve function of Co Meath councillors and the minister is delighted they voted to rename it the Mary McAleese Bridge.