A 31-year-old man who attacked another man in a road rage incident has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for manslaughter.

Construction worker Raymond Bates died in hospital after being beaten with a hurley in Dublin in September 2010.

Karl Donohue and Mr Bates got into an argument at a junction near Sandymount in Dublin on 26 September 2010.

Mr Bates fell into a coma and died four days after the attack.

He began tailgating Donohue's car after he failed to move off quickly at traffic lights and the two men had a verbal argument before getting back in their vehicles.

The court heard that Mr Bates then tried to cut in front of Donohue's car.

Donohue, whose baby daughter was in the back, got out of his car and hit Mr Bates over the head with a hurley.

Mr Bates was from Durham in England and was working as a construction worker in Dublin.

His wife told the court last week his loss was indescribable.
Karl Donohue pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was today sentenced to 12 years in jail.

Mr Justice Paul Carney suspended the final two years.

Mr Bates' sister-in-law Vivienne read a statement on behalf of his family outside the court.

"Karl Donohue has not only destroyed our family but he had also destroyed his own," she told reporters.

"As a family we hope that he is as big and proud now as he was when he told gardaí that their dad deserved to die.

"The sentence that he has been given will never be enough to ease the pain or make up for the loss that we are suffering or that his own child is going to suffer."

Mr Bates' sister-in-law went on to thank the people in Ireland who she said sent hundreds of cards and condolence messages.

Mr Bates' son Paul described his father as a great dad, a friend and a hard worker.

Of the sentence given to Donohue, the victim's wife Brenda said "it will never be enough" but said the family was happy.