Taoiseach Enda Kenny addressed the Change Nation event in Dublin Castle this morning.

Mr Kenny said that society needs driven people from all walks of life to effect positive change and that Government does not have all the answers.

He said the ''Government is committed to reaping the harvest of ingenuity and industry now by doing all that we can to avoid losing sections of our population to long-term unemployment and inactivity.

''We will play to our strengths in this regard, by honing our creative skills, developing our well proven entrepreneurial talents and doing what we do best in this country, all of Irish society pulling together to find practical solutions to the very real problems we face.''

The three-day event aims to find solutions to some of Ireland's biggest challenges in the areas of education, healthcare, environment, economic development, inclusion and civic participation.

50 innovators are in Dublin to engage with leading figures from Ireland's business, government, media and citizen sectors as part of the event.

It is being hosted by social entrepreneurs association Ashoka.

They say the goal of the project is to create employment, improve the management of natural resources, encourage people to affect change and transform young people's experiences when growing up.

The event concludes tomorrow at Farmleigh.

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