New details about the secret agreements that ensured Michael Lowry and Jackie Healy-Rae supported the last government have been uncovered by RTÉ News.

Tonight's The Week in Politics programme revealed what was promised to the two Independent TDs by former Fianna Fáil leader Bertie Ahern when he set about forming a government in 2007.

Mr Ahern's agreement with Mr Healy-Rae had an emphasis on roads.

It detailed the projected spending of almost €71m on 26 Kerry roads over five years. The abrupt ending of the government and the economic crisis meant not all of it was delivered.

Building work on Kenmare Hospital was also listed as a priority in the Healy-Rae agreement.

Mr Lowry's deal had more than a dozen pledges on health, including the development of a "surgery centre of excellence" at Nenagh Hospital.

School buildings, care centres for the elderly and a public swimming pool in Roscrea were also among the more than 40 local priorities set out in the agreement.

His agreement also dealt with road improvements, including a €2m link road in Thurles.

The deals guaranteed the Independents access to the taoiseach and his ministers. They were told about matters that concerned them at the same time as government ministers and TDs.

A senior civil servant in the taoiseach's office was their "contact point" on a daily basis and the government promised them speaking time in the Dáil.

This is the first time the deals have been seen outside political circles.

Former government chief whip Tom Kitt described parts of the deals done with the Independents as "unsavoury".