Two Limerick men have been found guilty of intimidating and threatening to kill three members of the same family.

Wayne Dundon, 33, from Lenihan Avenue, was found guilty on four of the seven charges he faced, his younger brother John, 29, who lives on Hyde Road, was found guilty of threatening to kill the mother of his brother's three children.

They are due to be sentenced next month.

The three judges described the evidence of Alice and April Collins as credible and convincing.

They said they believed Alice Collins when she said Wayne Dundon threatened to kill her and her son Gareth on 30 September 2010.

She said she called gardaí after a number of women, including John Dundon's partner, attacked her car and threw missiles at her.

Wayne Dundon later walked into her home and told her "our John is not happy, and John will hunt people down if his wife goes to jail."

He also told her "Gareth will stand in front of me and he'll look into my face and this will be the last face he'll see because I'm going to kill him myself."

The court also accepted the evidence of Alice's daughter April.

Gerard Dundon is the father of her three children but they separated when he was sent to jail. On 3 April John Dundon hammered on her front door and shouted "I want to see my nephews you tramp. When I catch you I'm going to kill you."

Both men will be sentenced next month.