The company providing a bin collection in South County Dublin has said it wants taxpayers to take over the almost €3m cost of subsiding waiver customers.

Greyhound Recycling and Recovery has said it cannot afford to continue collecting bins without payment.

Greyhound said it accepted that the 17,000 waiver customers were struggling to survive financially and could not afford to pay for the service.

However, it said that as a private operator it could not provide an ongoing service free of charge.

Greyhound said it agreed to provide a service to waiver customers for an initial 12 months after South Dublin County Council deducted the cost from the agreed sale price when it sold the business to the company in March 2011.

That agreement, it said, expired at the end of next month.

Greyhound has told the council and Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton that if the cost of the service was no longer subsidised, the company had no other alternative but to charge waiver customers for the service.