The search for the remaining two fishermen missing since their boat sank off the Cork coast is expected to be wound down early next week - after continuing for nearly three weeks.

The men's families are again appealing for volunteers to join the search around Glandore Harbour in west Cork.

Today is day 20 of one of the most intensive land, sea and air search efforts ever mounted in the area.

One survivor was rescued shortly after the sinking of the Tit Bonhomme close to Adam Island at the entrance to the harbour.

Since then the bodies of three of the crew have been recovered, but 52-year-old skipper Michael Hayes and 24-year-old crewman Saied Aly Eldin are still missing.

The men's families have again appealed to experienced search and rescue divers, the owners of ribs and small boats and people to walk the shoreline to join the search.

Searching is expected to wind down gradually in the early days of next week.