Talks at Labour Relations Commission aimed at solving the Vita Cortex dispute over redundancy payments adjourned last night after the parties failed to reach an agreement.

Workers and management at the foam packaging plant met in Co Cork for 11 hours yesterday in an attempt to break the deadlock.

However, talks finished at 11.30pm last night without a resolution being reached.

There are no plans to reconvene the talks.

A spokesman for the Labour Relations Commission said they had not been able to find any basis for an agreement.

Kevin Foley said the LRC would maintain contact with the parties and said that if an opportunity arose for the commission to further assist them to move the situation forward, it would get involved.

A total of 32 workers have been engaged in a sit-in at the Kinsale road plant since it closed five weeks, leaving them without any redundancy payments.

They want 2.9 weeks pay per year of service and have said they will continue their sit-in until they receive their payments.

Vita Cortex owner Jack Ronan has said his company is not in a position to pay the redundancy payments.

The dispute is now over the non-statutory payment of 0.9 of a week's pay per year of service.

This follows the company's application to the Department of Social Protection for statutory redundancy payments for the workers.

The company has claimed inability to pay. The statutory payment is two weeks pay per year of service.