The Mahon Tribunal is expected to publish its final report, which will include findings about former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern's personal financial dealings, within weeks.

The total cost of fees for barristers and solicitors at the Mahon Tribunal has now reached €49.75m and the public inquiry's final report is said to be at "a very advanced stage".

Latest figures from the Department of the Environment show 17 barristers and solicitors have earned over €1m each for their work since the Planning and Payments tribunal was established in 1997.

The figures also show four barristers, who are or were counsel for the tribunal, have earned more than €20m, inclusive of VAT, between them. One solicitor has earned over €2m.

The Mahon Tribunal will not disclose the date of publication of its final report but a spokesman told RTÉ: "I can confirm that completion of the tribunal's final report is at a very advanced stage."

A spokesman for the Department of the Environment said: "The publication of the final report is entirely a matter for the tribunal judges.

"The department understands that the tribunal is making every possible effort to publish prior to Christmas, but it is possible that because of December being a 'short' month publication might not take place until the New Year."

If the tribunal is to report before Christmas it would have to publish while the Dáil is sitting. The Dáil breaks for Christmas on 16 December.

If it does not publish before Christmas it is expected that the final report will be issued early in the New Year.

The Tribunal of Inquiry into Certain Planning Matters and Payments was set up to investigate allegations of corrupt payments to politicians.

Originally chaired by Justice Feargus Flood, it is currently chaired by Justice Alan Mahon and it is the longest running public inquiry in the State's history.

Below is the breakdown of legal fees paid at the Mahon Tribunal provided by the Department of the Environment.

Total Legal Fees Paid

Adele Murphy, JC, €1,480,693.00

Annette Foley, JC, €2,815,751.36

Barry Ryan, Paralegal, €4,148.23

Caroline Williams, JC, €193,152.34

Cathal Murphy, JC, €1,551,939.31

Cormac Mac Amhlaigh, Paralegal, €50,234.87

Damien Keaney, JC, €77,860.37

Desmond O’Neill, SC, €5,279,311.97

Donall King, Solicitor, €1,207,291.23

Emma Dalton, JC, €982,103.13

Eunice O'Raw, JC, €4,200,165.50

Felix McEnroy, SC, €638,751.26

Fergal TF Doyle, JC, €1,493,045.08

Geraldine Stack, JC, €746,151.60

Helen M Johnson, JC, €410,916.00

Henry R Murphy, SC, €2,338,959.38

Imelda Anne Higgins, JC, €1,064,233.16

John Gallagher, SC, €3,218,709.36

John Padraic Dillon, JC, €706,720.56

Maire A Howard, Solicitor, €1,163,391.32

Mairead Coughlan, JC, €2,110,041.31

Marcelle Gribbin, Solicitor, €785,072.50

Mary Cahill, Paralegal, €39,174.88

Michael Ramsey, JC, €17,598.63

Nicola Lowe, JC, €68,832.54

Padraig Gleeson €35,796.68

Patricia Dillon, SC, €5,591,889.06

Patrick F Hanratty, SC, €1,769,078.58

Patrick Gallagher, SC, €214,296.63

Patrick Quinn, SC, €5,273,521.17

Paul Gillick, Paralegal, €23,273.97

Sarah (O’Connell) Maguire, JC, €1,253,331.68

Susan Gilvarry, Solicitor, €2,343,041.77

Thomas Hannon, JC, €590,247.00

William Corcoran, Paralegal, €12,675.17

Total €49,751,400.60

Collector General - underpayment of VAT re: vat audit of 15/10/0313-apr-044,365.95

Total €49,755,766.55