A European Parliament committee will not hold a second hearing into Kevin Cardiff's nomination to the European Court of Auditors in advance of the decisive vote by the plenary of the parliament on 13 December.

Mr Cardiff's nomination to the court was rejected last week by the parliament's Budgetary Control Committee.

Chair of the BCC Jan Mulder told RTÉ News that the committee had decided not to revoke last week's 12-11 vote to reject Mr Cardiff's nomination.

He said it was now up to the plenary to decide whether or not to agree with the committee's decision.

However, he held out the possibility that the plenary itself could decide to refer the nomination back to the committee.

"It's possible that one or two members of the committee could ask the plenary to send the case back to the committee to have a second hearing," Mr Mulder, a Dutch Liberal MEP, said.

"That is up to the plenary," he said.