Up to 2,000 people took part in a march protesting at what they say is EU and IMF austerity and the burden of private debt on Irish citizens.

Organisers of the Occupy Dame Street protest marched from the Garden of Remembrance to the site of their demonstration outside the Central Bank in Dublin.

They say the march, which got under way at 2pm, is for those who have been asked to shoulder a national debt that is not theirs.

The group says it has no plans to end its occupation of the area in front of the Central Bank.

The protesters have praised the generosity of others who have donated camping equipment and food.

An anonymous sympathiser has also set up a free Wi-Fi connection in the area.

The Dame Street protest, which began two weeks ago, is in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street demonstration in New York.

The Occupy Wall Street group says it is protesting against financial greed and corruption, while the Occupy Dame Street Group has four demands.

The protesters say they want the EU and the IMF to "stay out of Ireland's affairs"; an end to the burden of private debt on the people of Ireland; the return of ownership of Ireland's oil and gas reserves to the people of Ireland; and for "real participatory democracy".