Ships off the south and west coast of Ireland have been asked to look out for a yachtsman, who is making a 7,000km transatlantic voyage.

The 12m-yacht, La Galatee, left Cayenne, the capital of French Guiana on 5 August and was planning to sail to St Malo in France.

The French coast guard service says it is trying to locate the yacht and has asked coast guard services in Ireland and Britain, as well as ocean going ships, for assistance.

There are no plans to launch air and sea searches at this time but coast guard stations, including Valentia in Co Kerry, are broadcasting alerts and seeking information on any sightings of the yacht.

Last weekend a Norwegian yacht "The Golden Eagle", which was reported missing during a transatlantic voyage from Bermuda to Crookhaven in Cork, turned up safely at Port Magee in Kerry.

Its two man crew said they had been delayed by difficult weather conditions.